M/S ZUBAIR ENTERPRISES is a leading, modern and latest processing, re-processing and manufacturing firm in Pakistan which is engaged in all types of Export quality Rice. The said firm has made a name in the local market as well as international market due to Quality assurance maintenance products. We have built ourreputation by manufacturing the highest value efficiency projects for the rice industry. The firm has own five all types of export quality rice processing units. All the rice processing units are located at Sukhee Ki Road, New Grain Market, Jalalpur Bhattian, District Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

In the Pakistan all the regions almost Have the soil enough fertile to produce the best qualities of all types of Rice. Moreover, the manufacturing and processing business related to Rice is at its peak in the regions of the Province of Punjab. Punjab, the land of five rivers, is irrigated by the waters from the snow-capped. Basically the Chairman (Founder) of the said firm Mr. Haji Bashir Nasir is engaged in their own trade business of Rice since 1965.

The own trade business groom due to hard working and consulting the technical expertise so that reason we able to established our own business in well-organized manner. Our first achievement to establish of our own business was our first Husking unit, which were installed in 1970 at Jalalpur Bhattian, Distt Hafizabad(A town in Punjab) and started producing the quality Rice. Until that, Mr. Mohammad Zubair Ch. Chief Executive of the firm, Mr. Mohammad Ilyas Ch. and Mr. Qaiser Bashir Nasir Managing Partners under the kind supervision of Haji Bashir Nasir (Father) were engaged in the same type of trade business and established a new firm with the name of Faisal Traders.


When the Government of Pakistan allows the independent export of rice, we established our firm with the name of M/s ZUBAIR ENTERPRIESES at Jalalpur Bhattian, Distt. Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan in 1995 and started production and processing the highly export quality of rice. All the manufacturing and process machinery were imported from Japan, and UK and installed for processing of quality Rice. Now days we have establisheed our own five latest and modern processing units and one drying & parboiled unit.