Mr. Muhammad Bashir Nasir (Founder)

It is easy to open a shop but hard to keep it open. The years following 1995 the year in which Zubair Enterprises was founded, have witnessed many successful developments Even in those early years, we were conscious of how important production of quality Rice is for the growing industries of developing countries. The time passing by has proved us right, with our expertise; we have been providing full assistance & advice to our suppliers and customers to overcome the problems caused by quality gap. We owe this success which makes us unique in the Rice field subject to the technological developments related to our field and to our decisions, taken correctly and in the right time and directed towards the requirements of the market We are accumulating more and more performances globally and in our business market. We are very much obliged to all our personnel and our valuable customers who have taken part in bringing Zubair Enterprises to its present position in limited time.

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Chaudhary

Chief Executive Zubait Enterprises


As we have expanded, we have ensured that our valued do not a back seat. Customer satisfaction, for one, has always been an area of priority and we have not only won new customers but retained them too. Our service, for instance, has kept us ahead of the rest; we are therefore quick, pertinent and efficient when it comes to customer needs. And we give them total value for money. Add to this, a committed and loyal workforce and one has a powerful combination for success. A name synonymous with unparalleled quality products, unrivaled expertise and incomparable customer satisfaction. We have always believed that our reputation must be founded on the quality of our services, in extending a helping hand to our business associates and realizing their economic aspirations. Believing in the motto that the customer has a proven right to demand the finest product, our endeavor glorious effort have always been towards creating and providing the best. Perhaps it is this product excellence and perfectionist approach which have enabled us to build and maintain a longstanding and strong relationship.


All unique and new concepts in the field of Rice having great taste, highest quality standards and excellent packaging and presentation. A true professional approach, scientific marketing strategy, constant R&D, strict checks and high quality standards, proper promotional support are the main reasons to make perfect leader in the local and international market. Our growth and continued success is determined by our customers. We treat our customers as a business partner. By treating every customer as part of our organization we make you feel as though you are part of the Zubair Enterprises family. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We pay special attention to every customer’s special needs. This allows for better communication and special attention to unique requirements. This philosophy provides a level of commitment not commonly found thorough the industry. A vital feature of our operations is the transparent working system and the constant two way communication that we have adopted at all levels. Career growth and job security are two aspects of our corporate culture that we are proud of. Today, while the focus is on expanding our business interests, we are equally interested in consolidating our current positions too.

Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Chaudhary

Managing Partner

Chaudhary Qaiser Bashir Nasir

Managing Partner