Pesticides Awareness Seminar

Seminar held in mills of Zubair Enterprises for the purpose of Pesticide awareness to farmers, rice dealers, rice millers, stockists, pp bags producers, fertilize sellers and pesticide sellers, in collaboration with agriculture department of Pakistan, department of plant protection, Pakistani basmati heritage foundation and rice exporters association of Pakistan, orchestrated a brilliant seminar on Pesticides Awareness for farmers. This initiative aimed to empower farmers with crucial knowledge on safe and sustainable pesticide usage, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship and crop protection. Through interactive workshops and informative presentations, farmers were equipped with insights into integrated pest management techniques, pesticide selection criteria, and proper application methods to mitigate risks to both crop yield and environmental health. By fostering partnerships between key stakeholders, this endeavor underscored the collective commitment towards fostering a resilient agricultural sector in Pakistan, one that balances productivity with environmental conservation.